3 Reasons We Lead the Industry!

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3 Reasons NJ Garage Design is The Industry Leader in The New Jersey Area

Trust and Customer Service: Since 2010, New Jersey Garage Design (NJGD) has gained trust from our clients through long-lasting relationships based on customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies that offer epoxy coatings as a secondary product, NJGD specializes exclusively in custom garage floor coatings. With over 7 years’ experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we have covered tens of thousands of square feet with our custom coatings.

Strict Quality Control and Manufacturing Excellence: All coatings are not equal. At New Jersey Garage Design, we use only top quality, high grade resins that are formulated specifically for east coast concrete. We do not carry different grades for industrial and residential coatings. Because we never compromise the quality, all locations including your residential garage as well as commercial establishments get the same coating. Besides, our garage floor coating gives the highest adhesion properties which results in superb resilience and long lasting durability.

We Stand by Our Products: We provide an unmatched, no peel 5-year warranty on our chemically resistant and UV protected products. Other players in the business may offer, at the most, one to two year warranties knowing fully well the life expectancy of their coating. We have no doubts that the materials and the formulations in our garage floor coatings will last for many years to come.

To transform your garage in one easy step, contact NJ Garage Design. We provide professional garage contractor services in New Jersey for all your custom garage needs. For more information on our concrete coatings, call us at (732) 577-1026 or request a quote today.

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