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Each of our technicians is experienced in evaluating and preparing the concrete floor to meet our rigorous standards. The first step is the most critical; we prepare the surface with the use of one or more diamond grinders. This process is paramount to achieving a porous and contaminant-free surface. The process is continued by performing any crack/divot repair and caulking the entire perimeter, if necessary. The expansion joints (if present) are partially filled with an elastomeric sealer.

After the appropriate preparation of the substrate, this coating system involves the application of two epoxy coats and one clear top coat. On day one, a single primer color coat is installed. Day two involves the application of a second tinted epoxy coat followed by the addition of polyvinyl acetate (PVA) chips that are “broadcast” in varying densities from “medium spread” through “heavy chip” into the color coat. The final day involves the application of one high solids clear top coat.

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