Step into the next era of garage organization with New Jersey Garage Design’s Garage Slatwall systems. Expertly designed and meticulously crafted, our slatwall solutions marry space efficiency with a polished look, converting garages into orderly sanctuaries.

Accessories to Elevate Your Storage

Versatile Hooks: Ideal for everything from gardening tools to athletic gear.

Sturdy Shelves: Store larger items off the floor, keeping them within easy reach.

Organizational Bins: Perfect for smaller tools, nails, and miscellaneous items.

Specialty Holders: Custom solutions for unique items like bicycles, ladders, and more.

Unleash Your Garage’s Potential with New Jersey Garage Design

Garage Slatwall isn’t just about storage – it’s about crafting a space that resonates with order, style, and functionality. Join us in redefining what a garage can truly be.

Ready to embrace an organized future? Let Garage Slatwall systems by New Jersey Garage Design guide the way. Engage with us today for a transformative experience.


HandiWALL® is the cellular PVC slatwall designed to organize your life. Used as a complete wall or as a complement to your existing home storage, HandiWALL® allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to your storage needs.

Keep the garage clean by hanging everything from power tools, sports equipment, rakes, and cabinets on the HandiWALL® system.

If the wall gets dirty, spray it down with a hose. HandiWALL® is impervious to water and the unique profile prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the slat.

Our storage system includes HandiWALL® slatwall panels, baskets, hooks, shelves, tilt bins, tool holders, folding work bench, trim extrusions, mounting hardware, plus an extensive line of accessory items.



HandiSOLUTIONS® offers complete storage and organization systems for garages, utility and laundry rooms, and even basements to fit all of your needs, directly from a single source.

We offer an extensive line of accessories to cover every application and need for all of your storage solutions.

Far superior to standard MDF slatwall, HandiWALL® is an essential addition to any home or garage. With 8 eye catching color options and enhanced wood grain texture, HandiWALL® is the perfect balance of functionality and style.

Start by letting us install HandiWALL® panels, then add your choice of accessories, which include shelves, bins, baskets, tool holders, sporting equipment racks, a fold-away workbench, and much more. Arrange and rearrange the HandiSOLUTIONS® storage system time and time again; it is completely versatile and durable enough to truly last a lifetime. Whether it’s for your home, office, or commercial space, HandiSOLUTIONS® will continue to provide you with an enduring, functional, and beautiful storage solution for years to come.


We offer a wide variety of hooks and brackets made of steel for maximum strength. Durable wire construction allows for an easy mount to HandiWALL®.

Our selection includes brackets used for merchandise displays as well as residential tool storage. Rubber coated for secure gripping and rust resistant powder coated finish. Ideal for long handled tools, cords, folding chairs, ladders, heavy tools, bicycles, and much more.

The HandiSOLUTIONS® system is flexible with all storage units designed to be mounted onto the HandiWALL® slatwall and can be easily moved to fit changing needs.

The HandiACCESSORIES™ line includes baskets, hooks, nets, storage bins, shelves, sports, tool storage, and office accessories that can all be arranged to tailor fit any storage need that you have.



One of our most versatile storage products, HandiNET™ is built from high quality, durable, and industrial strength materials. It features a unique patented envelope style design and construction, keeping your items close at hand and easily visible through the open netting.

It’s chemical resistant, fire retardant, UV resistant, and is also washer and dryer safe. The HandiNET™ attaches to the HandiWALL® with our new exclusive secure clip. Choose from three sizes.


Made from durable powder coated steel, our baskets are designed to easily secure to our HandiWALL®.

We offer four different sizes for added convenience, and offer endless storage configurations.

Weight capacity varies by size.



Get organized, add functionality, and clear all that clutter from the floor. Our shelves are available in three sizes.

The shelves are built from a durable wire construction and feature a powder coated finish that is rust resistant.

Maximum weight capacity varies from 75 lbs. up to 125 lbs.

Functional and great looking for all applications.



HandiSOLUTIONS® offers a wide array of sports equipment storage accessories for everyone in the home. Protect all of your expensive bikes, golf clubs, rackets, skis, and much more.

Our products are durable, multi-functional, and provide for a clutter free environment. All accessories easily attach to the HandiWALL®.


Tool Storage

This collection of tool storage accessories is versatile, durable, and provides easy access and organization to all of your hand tools.

Prevent an unorganized tool box by selecting from our magnetic tool bars or the various functional tool grip racks.

They firmly attach to the HandiWALL®.



Retaining the Brand-New Look

HandiWALL® PVC slatwall system is colored throughout, meaning it will never show scratches. MDF slatwall, on the other hand, will always show the slightest imperfection as it only has a thin layer of coloring on the outside of the product. In addition to not showing scratches, HandiWALL® can be cleaned and maintained simply by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Immune to Water Damage

It is well known that standard MDF slatwall cannot be used outside or in high humidity and must be kept dry at all times, otherwise the product will deteriorate and warp. HandiWALL® is impervious to water damage and can be used for both interior and exterior installations.

Structural Strength

HandiWALL® is 50% stronger than standard MDF slatwall which allows users to hang more weight from hooks and store heavier items on shelves. When used with the HandiSOLUTIONS® accessories, HandiWALL® can hold 100 lbs per hook.

HandiWALL® Product Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA with blended Cellular PVC material that is tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Scratch resistant with normal use, surface scratches are less noticeable due to the material color is throughout the product
  • 4 panels per carton in 8’ lengths, 8 panels per carton in 4’ lengths = 32 square feet
  • Color coordinated installation screws and trim available
  • Smooth satin finish gives high end aesthetic appeal
  • Compatible with standard slatwall accessories
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Custom lengths available
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean

HandiWALL® Technical and Quality Attributes:

  • Fire tested by an independent laboratory (ASTM E84 Test) ranks HandiWALL® in Grade A (index of 15) for flame spread
  • 3″ on center slats, 12¼” high (includes ¼” for tongue and groove connection)
  • Meets ISO Certified manufacturing process and is quality tested to be compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard:

Length, Form, Fit and Function including shape of slats, connection of panels, assembly of slatwall accessories

Incoming Quality Control for color and materials requirements for lot consistency

Strength testing every production run via in-house calibrated fixture

First piece inspection to match control plan specifications

Product is measured for conformity to requirements:

  • Final Audit of manufactured product
  • In Process inspections
  • Color match
  • Length
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